Our story

Sweav was started by a group of freelance consultants who quit their job in search for more freedom and flexibility in their lives. We were thinking about how we could lower the barrier for peers to do the same, and Sweav was born.

In our experience there are two main reasons why people hesitate to leave the rat race and stay in their jobs: losing financial security and not having a sense of belonging. Sweav attempts to remove these two barriers.

Our purpose is to empower individuals to (re)gain independence in life. We believe independence leads to happier personal and more impactful professional lives, benefiting society as a whole.

For companies, we lower the barrier to access to the best of the best in strategy and M&A through a more flexible and cost effective model.

Our values are Trust in our members as opposed to management by fear & control, Humanness in our interactions, avoiding the commoditization of people by platforms and NoBullsh*t in our ways of working, prioritising authenticity & impact over perception

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Where we work

LokaalLokaal Amsterdam

Mr. Treublaan 1-3
Near Amstel Station & Weesperzijde

Remote, anywhere

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