Our story

Sweav was founded by a group of freelance strategy consultants and M&A advisors who quit their job in search for more freedom and flexibility in their lives.

Along the way we realized that there was a large unmet need from clients who are in demand for people like ourselves, yet either can’t afford a big advisory firm or find their approach not pragmatic enough.

What started as an informal whatsapp group, is now the largest freelance strategy and M&A community in the Netherlands.

Purpose for Members

We want to empower individuals to (re)gain independence in life. In their work, so they'll have more impact in their professional endeavors. And in their personal lives, so they create time to pursue passions outside the work realm. Increasing balance, freedom and happiness.

We identify two main reasons why consultants hesitate to quit the rat race of the big firms. Losing financial security and losing a sense of belonging. Sweav removes these barriers. By getting freelance consultants cool projects at ambitious companies. And by providing a community of like minded spirits.


Mission for clients

Our mission as a community is to help ambitious companies going forward. We do so, by making hiring top notch individuals and teams more accessible.


Our values

At Sweav, we’re not too keen on management strategies based on fear and control. We trust our members, because we believe in their skills and personalities. We value human interactions and our community. As opposed to the commoditization of people within the platform economy. Last but not least, we have a NoBullsh*t way of working, prioritizing authenticity and impact over perception.


The name

The name Sweav finds its origin in the southern Africa based sociable weaver bird. These birds build large community nests in one tree quickly, before moving on to the next tree to do the same.